GoldPrimeTime thrives on transparency. We have an open door based relationship with our clients. Clients choose the products they want and retain the choice to keep their products on their own or to keep their purchase with us for safe custody. There are no hidden costs on our services. What you see is what you get, and what it costs is what you pay.
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GoldPrimetime has been in the coin Dealership business since 2007. The entity has footprints across various countries in Africa, including Ghana, Nigeria and Namibia. Trust is crucial in the success of any business and this is the pillar of our service thrust. We are working on expanding our footprint the world over. Download Presentation


The great part with our service is that clients can choose products that suit their pockets and investment goals. For gold investors looking at short term returns on investment we have krugerrands readily available. For buyers looking at long term value we have a grand assortment of rare coins to consider. Click Here to check our products

GoldPrimeTime is a leading gold dealership with a rewarding multi level networking system. Hundreds of people trust GoldPrimeTime. Want to learn more?

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Hedging Against Tail Risk

  • Gold preserves wealth; a hedge against inflation.

  • Gold acts as a hedge against international currencies.
  • Gold manages tail risks against negative events: wars etc
  • Gold has acted as a safe haven across the globe.
  • Despite volatile nature of much of the financial sector, gold remain comparatively stable.
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Why Invest in Gold?

  • Gold is money it possesses all these properties: Acceptability;Durability;Portability;Divisibility; intrinsic value
  • Gold continues to attract investors attention because it is universally accepted currency.
  • There are tax exemptions in most countries this type of an investment.
  • It is not wise to invest in gold if there is no intention to hold onto the investment until it gives returns.
  • Gold holds globally recgonised value.
  • The value of gold trancends time.
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